Pet Safety Gates

Pet Safety GatesPet safety gates at are certainly one of the best pet gate products online because of its quality and affordability. Each and every pet gate that we offer are pegged as highly valuable commodities in the pet accessory market due to the safety and sanitation it provides to every home. More and more individuals would like to have pet gates because it’s unquestionably exceptional and practical. Essentially, pet gates are considered as a wonderful tool to keep your kids away from harm and even maintain the cleanliness inside your home.

We all know that dog is every man’s best friend. We love to spoil them with treats (check out this list at Pet Territory). But somehow, we need to keep a small distance from them especially when we do have kids at home that might be unaware of the danger. Besides, it’s a bit annoying to frequently clean up their wastes on your carpet inside your room, at the kitchen floor or wherever your pet may go. That’s why pet gates with different styles and sizes are the key to a more organized home. Pet safety gates are also ideal for restricting the access of your pet to specific rooms or particular home divisions. You have various options to choose from in order to prevent your adorable pet from coming in and out of your house. If you want, you can place the dog security gates at the bottom or at the top of your stairs, set it exactly at the kitchen doorway or even on any openings inside your house. Actually, we have lots of pet gate styles and sizes that vary depending on the size of your pet.

Wide pet gates are one of the most commonly used pet gates worldwide. This is due to the fact that dogs of any size cannot easily jump into it and no pets will have the ability to pass through this obstacle. The feature of this tool is the same with tall and wide dog gates. Dogs are known to be a fast learner (Check out Dog Channel for training tips) and they can instantly look for ways to have access inside your home just to find food and mingle. However, with the help of our state of the art pet safety gates, no wonder your house will now be safe from any pet troubles.
Dog security gates are just one of the most effortlessly created pet protection due to its easy installation feature. All you have to do is simply set it down in front of the doorway and that’s it! You can extend, expand, interlock the sections, fold it a little, adjust the pressure, swing it in both direction or even choose other styles depending on the type of product you prefer. In fact, most people who already experience using this dog safety gates share their fulfillment and product satisfaction in using this one of a kind safety creation.

So, whenever you need to install small pet gates inside your house to make your baby extra safe from dog bites and other pest related disease, all you have to do is to locate the exact product you need here on our list. You will definitely have total satisfaction with our unique and high quality dog pet gate. Even your heaviest and biggest pet will not carry the toughness and durability that our pressure mount gate provides. The standard materials for this product are purposely made to endure the greater and most severe pressure that your pets will do. This is definitely the most outstanding fence guard that you and your family can use and continue using from one generation to another. All dog security gates that we offer are reasonably priced and were made for your family’s complete protection.

Stairway Pet Gate

Stairway pet gateStairway special pet gate is an ideal gate for homes with stairways that are so high and very dangerous for babies to go through. With its exceptional latch system, you won’t be anxious in case your child will intentionally or accidentally open it or if pet deliberately bumps it. With its aluminum construction, this pet gate won’t rust and is really lightweight. And because this one is purposely made for the stairs, it was created with additional stop bracket making it safer and preventing the door from opening. Since we know that stairs sometimes have diverse angles, the gate was created to be adaptable that’s why you can mount it at angles of up to 30 degrees. This is definitely great for uneven wall hoops and mounting areas. It can be opened with only one direction for extra safety. With these exciting features, you will surely have a very safe pet gate and baby gate!

Walk Thru Pet Gate

Walk Thru Pet GateWalk thru pet gate is almost the same with a deluxe pet gate when it comes to design and other features. When not in use, it has an easily removable opening and swings out really smooth. Dimensions are adjustable from 26 to 41 feet horizontally and up to 26 feet vertically. A high quality product made only in the USA. Materials being used provides rounded edges that will not pinch and very easy to sanitize. This is suitable for any interior door openings because it matches various home designs with a fresh and clean look.

Portable Pet Gate

Portable Pet GatePortable pet gate is also known as “gateway to go” since it’s transportable and you can move it in or out, anywhere you want to or bring it anywhere you may go. For those who do not need a long-term use of pet gate, this kind of dog gate is the perfect choice. Those who are living in an apartment, boarding house or a temporary house who has a dog or other pets living with them, a portable pet gate is such a great alternative!

With portable pet gate, you no longer need to use hardware or tools to assemble it. All you need is to attach the non-skid, non-marking mounting pads onto the wall or any partitions. Of course, safety is the major purpose of this product. That’s why it also provides a pressure gauge for the proper locking tension. With this, you can easily release the handle with just one hand and then the gate will instantly open. The materials used here are steel, nylon and a net that provides a transparent look on both sides. Weighing exactly just about 4.5 pound, the whole set is really manageable and easy to install.

Angle Mount Wood Safeway Dog Gate

Angle Mount Wood Safeway Dog GateAngle mount wood safety dog gate uses one of the most durable woods worldwide. So when it comes to quality, this is one of the finest and safest materials we can use in constructing pet gates. Beech hardwoods are tough in holding nails but it requires to pre-bore first. It also has a smooth texture making it safe and finishes well with paint or any transparent finishes and its nontoxic, as well. Any home interior goes well with it since breech wood is also considered as a beautiful piece of furniture giving your home a fresh and better atmosphere.

From the name of the product itself, it is absolutely a pet gate that offers an outstanding quality in terms of style and protection. With the hinge template included in the mounting instructions provided with this product, you will find it so much easy to assemble. You don’t need to use other kinds of measuring tools to properly set up this angle mount wood Safeway dog gate!

With similar features from other pet gates we offer, angle mount wood Safeway dog gate is definitely exceptional. Its usefulness and creative look and style really fits most angled walls and railings on your home. The gate can also be opened using only one hand and swings in either direction without any trouble.

Configuregate Pet Gate

Configuregate Pet GateConfiguregate pet gate fits your style as well as your budget, we can guarantee that!

Stairways and other sections of your house mostly have odd-shaped spaces. And when it comes to uneven areas, a configure gate absolutely is the ideal choice! All uneven corners will surely be covered by these outstanding and flexible pet gates that we offer. This is the only type of pet gate wherein you have the option to build it on your own style and length. It is actually a three piece set that includes a walk through gate that you can use as the main gate to pass through whenever you want to go to the other side of your room. Same as the other gates, this is also a wall mounted pet gate with the same safety precautionary measures. This item also provides strong tubular steel with a very simple and non-toxic white paint that’s very much appealing to the eye, yet easier to wipe and requires less sanitation. In fact, your pets are not the only one getting benefits from this helpful obstacle. Even your cute and lovable babies will also be safe with the configure gate since it reaches up to 29 and a half inch high above the ground.

Aside from being a high quality product, it is also affordable and reasonably priced! Take a look at some of our product samples to remove all your doubts and worries!

Elongate Wide Dog Gate

Elongate Wide Dog GateElongate wide dog gate, perfect for homes with wide stairway and door openings! No pets can knock down this one of a kind elongate wide dog gate provided especially for Moms who wants to give protection for their babies against their dogs and other pets. Unique feature awaits those who are looking for more suitable designs that can also make an attractive doorway while providing a quality that lasts for a long time. For safety measures, you can easily mount it on the wall and at the same time, you have the option to swing it in either direction.

Why Use a Pet Gate?

A pet gate works in a variety of ways depending on its design and area of placement. Whether indoor or outdoor, the similar and most important purpose of using pet gate systems is to give a safe and secured area for the dog to roam and play around. Here are other important reasons of installing a pet gate for the furry friend.

If owners are not aware of the right way to contain and effectively train the dog, installing an indoor pet gate in their area may also provide a lot of benefits. However, we know that owners still need some ideas as to why it is necessary to give the dogs a tool that we can consider as their barrier or limitation. Here are some of the most significant reasons of using pet gate for inside or outside containment.

  • For the security and safety of the own pet especially when owners are not around
  • Also for the safety of the own baby against any harmful disease and pet bites
  • Pet gate serves as the boundary of the dog so that he will not have access to other parts of the room
  • Pet gate serves as a defensive barrier of the pet against enemies and other stray animals
  • Pet owners can consider pet gate systems as their way to effectively contain and train their dogs
  • Dogs cannot easily jump out or force themselves to come out of their pet gate since it was designed to withstand even strong amount of pressure
  • Pet gate is made up of durable materials which are strong enough to endure strong and sharp teeth of the dog who loves to chew
  • Pet gate is also the best answer to dogs who love to dig out soil in the yard
  • Pet gate can be used indoors and outdoors whatever the purpose for the gate is
  • Dogs will not be bored inside his containment area because indoor pet gate bars were designed with spaces giving the dogs the opportunity to see the things outside
  • Pet owners now have the best solution of a perfect barrier to be placed at the top or at the bottom of the stairs
  • Some pet gate systems were constructed to be mounted in areas with odd dimensions and angles therefore owners can still secure the pet as well as the baby with this device
  • No need to construct wooden bars or make an awkward grill which may give conflict designs with the appearance of the house

These are just some of the best reasons as to why we recommend our pet gate systems. This is not just a simple but an extraordinary solution in controlling and limiting the access of the dog inside the house as well as in the backyard. In fact, an indoor pet gate is one of the most humane pet devices we have today!

Pet Gate FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions that most costumers raise when buying our pet gate products:

Are pet gates really helpful?
Yes. Pet gates without any questions can really help modify your home simply by its own unique features. It is the best guard for your pet to stop them from accessing your home. It is also a safe way to protect your babies all day long and keep your pets away from them.

Are pet gates easy to install?
Without any doubt, all of our pet gates are so easy to install. All you need is to follow the instructions provided on the package together with our preassembled parts and your indoor pet fences can instantly be mounted onto the wall.

Will the Pet Gate work for my dog?
Definitely, our pet gate will work for your dog. Each pet gate was made with various designs that are safe and effective for all breeds and sizes of dogs. In fact, it can also work for other home pets. When you have pet gates at your stairs or doorway, you no longer have to pay too much attention on your kids and your pets at all times just to know that they are both well-protected.

Is there any Pet Gate style that fits my home interior?
All of our pet gate products are purposely made with creative styles that fit any home interiors. With high quality and valuable craftsmanship, it can really compliment any interior decorations that you already have.

I am concerned that once I install a pet gate, it can damage the wall and posts where the hinges are mounted. Can this be avoided?
Well, there are pet gates designed to have hinges and screws to be mounted on a wall or posts. But if this is your major concern, you can just purchase our Portable Dog Gate. This pet gate is ideal for temporary situations. With its non-skid, non-marking yet very compact mounting pads, your worries about holes and wood damages will surely be taken away!

Is the Pet Gate safe and really effective?
Yes. All pet gates that we offer are safe and effective due to its smooth texture (whether wood or steel), non-sharp edges and pressure gauges for proper locking tension. Making your pet realize the real purpose of this barrier and it will eventually teach them how to just obey and keep track on their space limitations.

What are the materials used in constructing these pet gates?
Some pet gates are made up of hardwoods while some are steel with non-toxic coating and others are made up of plastic and nylon. This actually depends on the type of pet gates you are going to purchase. The only thing that matters is the size and design that you prefer.

Is there any available extensions provided in each package?
Yes. We have provided extensions for every wooden pet gate and other indoor dog gates that we offer. It comes with different dimensions depending on the size of your doorway or stairway from where you are going to place it.

Which pet gates work best for my large dog?
We have several pet gates that can block even your largest dog. This includes elongate pet gate, configuregate, angle mount wood pet gate and more. The height measures from 29 feet to 32 feet tall. These gates are also pressure mounted and with interlocking sections that your dogs can’t easily knock down.

How to Install a Pet Gate

Our offered pet gate units are so easy to install. Most of our customers are impressed with our easy-to-assemble pet gate systems. For the benefit of our buyers, a pet gate installation manual is provided in the package in order to easily mount the pet gate.

No tools needed, owners can easily install our pet gate. Here are the easy steps to follow for proper indoor pet gate installation in any area inside the house.

Step 1

For safety purposes, read first the entire instructions provided in the “do-it-yourrself” guide included in pet gate systems packages.

Step 2

The only important thing owners need to know is the exact measurement of the area where the indoor pet gate will be installed.

Step 3

Make sure all the parts are complete so they will just be mounted and connected on the parts that were instructed

Step 4

Start attaching and mounting the pet gate on the desired area. Make sure if the latches, casters and hinges are properly attached.

Step 5

Be careful in placing it in a flat area. Take a look if the gate is inline with the vertical and horizontal plane to be sure that it will not make noise when opened and owners will have a smooth opening and closing process as well

Step 6

When owners think they have completely installed the pet gate, swing and push it a little for several times to make sure that it was properly and accurately mounted

Step 7

Then it’s done! If owners are not that sure, owners can always ask our customer service assistance for other concerns and inquiries. We are always here to provide proper information and outstanding service with our offered pet gate systems.

Tips to Choose the Right Pet Gate

Having the right pet gate is the right way of ensuring the dog’s safety if owners are not present. It will restrain the pet’s unnecessary exits in his confinement. Pet owners may have a hard time selecting the appropriate indoor pet gate for their needs so we have listed here some tips to ease the selection.

We know that choosing the right pet gate systems is sometimes hard especially for first time dog-owners. If that’s the case, here are the general and most significant tips to find the perfect gate. With Pet Gate 4Less, we ease our customers in choosing a pet gate.

  • Where to place the pet gate?
    It is essential that owners know where to place the pet gate because each type of pet gate is designed according to its basic purpose. Therefore, owners can definitely choose the right one if they know the right area to place it.
  • Know how wide the opening of the door is
  • Mostly, pet gates provide widths and heights in inches so measure the dimension in inches in order to get the best fit for the pet gate. Owners can measure the height of the dog and double it so that he cannot jump out of this obstacle whatever happens
  • In choosing a pet gate, it is also necessary that owners know what kind of materials they prefer to have.
    Do they want a gate made up of wood, iron bar, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, mesh or a nylon string? Always favor the kind of material that can be durable enough to withstand the force given by the dog as well as the weather changes and at the same time, will complement the interior design of the home
  • No installation pet gate is always the best!
    Our offered pet gate systems have easy-to-follow instructions and are composed of easy-to-assemble parts that allow owners faster and easier set-up and mounting on the doorway, stairway and archway.
  • Always check the product and service warranty of the pet gate.
    This can also help owners in considering which gate system to choose and how it can efficiently take good care of the pet.
  • Also consider the housing and lifestyle situation.
    If owners don’t have permanent house or are always traveling with the dog, maybe portable pet gate are the one that is suitable for the needs.
  • It is also safe to look for an indoor pet gate that has a secured lockable feature.
    This is very advisable especially when owners have babies at home. Indoor pet gate can be a gate to constrain dogs and also a barrier to secure the babies.
  • Find all these qualities in a pet gate and then owners can be sure to have made the right decision. Remember, not all products which are durable must be priced luxuriously. Owners just have to determine the right quality versus cost.