Angle Mount Wood Safeway Dog Gate

Angle Mount Wood Safeway Dog GateAngle mount wood safety dog gate uses one of the most durable woods worldwide. So when it comes to quality, this is one of the finest and safest materials we can use in constructing pet gates. Beech hardwoods are tough in holding nails but it requires to pre-bore first. It also has a smooth texture making it safe and finishes well with paint or any transparent finishes and its nontoxic, as well. Any home interior goes well with it since breech wood is also considered as a beautiful piece of furniture giving your home a fresh and better atmosphere.

From the name of the product itself, it is absolutely a pet gate that offers an outstanding quality in terms of style and protection. With the hinge template included in the mounting instructions provided with this product, you will find it so much easy to assemble. You don’t need to use other kinds of measuring tools to properly set up this angle mount wood Safeway dog gate!

With similar features from other pet gates we offer, angle mount wood Safeway dog gate is definitely exceptional. Its usefulness and creative look and style really fits most angled walls and railings on your home. The gate can also be opened using only one hand and swings in either direction without any trouble.

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