Stairway Pet Gate

Stairway pet gateStairway special pet gate is an ideal gate for homes with stairways that are so high and very dangerous for babies to go through. With its exceptional latch system, you won’t be anxious in case your child will intentionally or accidentally open it or if pet deliberately bumps it. With its aluminum construction, this pet gate won’t rust and is really lightweight. And because this one is purposely made for the stairs, it was created with additional stop bracket making it safer and preventing the door from opening. Since we know that stairs sometimes have diverse angles, the gate was created to be adaptable that’s why you can mount it at angles of up to 30 degrees. This is definitely great for uneven wall hoops and mounting areas. It can be opened with only one direction for extra safety. With these exciting features, you will surely have a very safe pet gate and baby gate!

Walk Thru Pet Gate

Walk Thru Pet GateWalk thru pet gate is almost the same with a deluxe pet gate when it comes to design and other features. When not in use, it has an easily removable opening and swings out really smooth. Dimensions are adjustable from 26 to 41 feet horizontally and up to 26 feet vertically. A high quality product made only in the USA. Materials being used provides rounded edges that will not pinch and very easy to sanitize. This is suitable for any interior door openings because it matches various home designs with a fresh and clean look.

Portable Pet Gate

Portable Pet GatePortable pet gate is also known as “gateway to go” since it’s transportable and you can move it in or out, anywhere you want to or bring it anywhere you may go. For those who do not need a long-term use of pet gate, this kind of dog gate is the perfect choice. Those who are living in an apartment, boarding house or a temporary house who has a dog or other pets living with them, a portable pet gate is such a great alternative!

With portable pet gate, you no longer need to use hardware or tools to assemble it. All you need is to attach the non-skid, non-marking mounting pads onto the wall or any partitions. Of course, safety is the major purpose of this product. That’s why it also provides a pressure gauge for the proper locking tension. With this, you can easily release the handle with just one hand and then the gate will instantly open. The materials used here are steel, nylon and a net that provides a transparent look on both sides. Weighing exactly just about 4.5 pound, the whole set is really manageable and easy to install.

Angle Mount Wood Safeway Dog Gate

Angle Mount Wood Safeway Dog GateAngle mount wood safety dog gate uses one of the most durable woods worldwide. So when it comes to quality, this is one of the finest and safest materials we can use in constructing pet gates. Beech hardwoods are tough in holding nails but it requires to pre-bore first. It also has a smooth texture making it safe and finishes well with paint or any transparent finishes and its nontoxic, as well. Any home interior goes well with it since breech wood is also considered as a beautiful piece of furniture giving your home a fresh and better atmosphere.

From the name of the product itself, it is absolutely a pet gate that offers an outstanding quality in terms of style and protection. With the hinge template included in the mounting instructions provided with this product, you will find it so much easy to assemble. You don’t need to use other kinds of measuring tools to properly set up this angle mount wood Safeway dog gate!

With similar features from other pet gates we offer, angle mount wood Safeway dog gate is definitely exceptional. Its usefulness and creative look and style really fits most angled walls and railings on your home. The gate can also be opened using only one hand and swings in either direction without any trouble.

Configuregate Pet Gate

Configuregate Pet GateConfiguregate pet gate fits your style as well as your budget, we can guarantee that!

Stairways and other sections of your house mostly have odd-shaped spaces. And when it comes to uneven areas, a configure gate absolutely is the ideal choice! All uneven corners will surely be covered by these outstanding and flexible pet gates that we offer. This is the only type of pet gate wherein you have the option to build it on your own style and length. It is actually a three piece set that includes a walk through gate that you can use as the main gate to pass through whenever you want to go to the other side of your room. Same as the other gates, this is also a wall mounted pet gate with the same safety precautionary measures. This item also provides strong tubular steel with a very simple and non-toxic white paint that’s very much appealing to the eye, yet easier to wipe and requires less sanitation. In fact, your pets are not the only one getting benefits from this helpful obstacle. Even your cute and lovable babies will also be safe with the configure gate since it reaches up to 29 and a half inch high above the ground.

Aside from being a high quality product, it is also affordable and reasonably priced! Take a look at some of our product samples to remove all your doubts and worries!

Elongate Wide Dog Gate

Elongate Wide Dog GateElongate wide dog gate, perfect for homes with wide stairway and door openings! No pets can knock down this one of a kind elongate wide dog gate provided especially for Moms who wants to give protection for their babies against their dogs and other pets. Unique feature awaits those who are looking for more suitable designs that can also make an attractive doorway while providing a quality that lasts for a long time. For safety measures, you can easily mount it on the wall and at the same time, you have the option to swing it in either direction.