Configuregate Pet Gate

Configuregate Pet GateConfiguregate pet gate fits your style as well as your budget, we can guarantee that!

Stairways and other sections of your house mostly have odd-shaped spaces. And when it comes to uneven areas, a configure gate absolutely is the ideal choice! All uneven corners will surely be covered by these outstanding and flexible pet gates that we offer. This is the only type of pet gate wherein you have the option to build it on your own style and length. It is actually a three piece set that includes a walk through gate that you can use as the main gate to pass through whenever you want to go to the other side of your room. Same as the other gates, this is also a wall mounted pet gate with the same safety precautionary measures. This item also provides strong tubular steel with a very simple and non-toxic white paint that’s very much appealing to the eye, yet easier to wipe and requires less sanitation. In fact, your pets are not the only one getting benefits from this helpful obstacle. Even your cute and lovable babies will also be safe with the configure gate since it reaches up to 29 and a half inch high above the ground.

Aside from being a high quality product, it is also affordable and reasonably priced! Take a look at some of our product samples to remove all your doubts and worries!

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