How to Install a Pet Gate

Our offered pet gate units are so easy to install. Most of our customers are impressed with our easy-to-assemble pet gate systems. For the benefit of our buyers, a pet gate installation manual is provided in the package in order to easily mount the pet gate.

No tools needed, owners can easily install our pet gate. Here are the easy steps to follow for proper indoor pet gate installation in any area inside the house.

Step 1

For safety purposes, read first the entire instructions provided in the “do-it-yourrself” guide included in pet gate systems packages.

Step 2

The only important thing owners need to know is the exact measurement of the area where the indoor pet gate will be installed.

Step 3

Make sure all the parts are complete so they will just be mounted and connected on the parts that were instructed

Step 4

Start attaching and mounting the pet gate on the desired area. Make sure if the latches, casters and hinges are properly attached.

Step 5

Be careful in placing it in a flat area. Take a look if the gate is inline with the vertical and horizontal plane to be sure that it will not make noise when opened and owners will have a smooth opening and closing process as well

Step 6

When owners think they have completely installed the pet gate, swing and push it a little for several times to make sure that it was properly and accurately mounted

Step 7

Then it’s done! If owners are not that sure, owners can always ask our customer service assistance for other concerns and inquiries. We are always here to provide proper information and outstanding service with our offered pet gate systems.

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