Pet Gate FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions that most costumers raise when buying our pet gate products:

Are pet gates really helpful?
Yes. Pet gates without any questions can really help modify your home simply by its own unique features. It is the best guard for your pet to stop them from accessing your home. It is also a safe way to protect your babies all day long and keep your pets away from them.

Are pet gates easy to install?
Without any doubt, all of our pet gates are so easy to install. All you need is to follow the instructions provided on the package together with our preassembled parts and your indoor pet fences can instantly be mounted onto the wall.

Will the Pet Gate work for my dog?
Definitely, our pet gate will work for your dog. Each pet gate was made with various designs that are safe and effective for all breeds and sizes of dogs. In fact, it can also work for other home pets. When you have pet gates at your stairs or doorway, you no longer have to pay too much attention on your kids and your pets at all times just to know that they are both well-protected.

Is there any Pet Gate style that fits my home interior?
All of our pet gate products are purposely made with creative styles that fit any home interiors. With high quality and valuable craftsmanship, it can really compliment any interior decorations that you already have.

I am concerned that once I install a pet gate, it can damage the wall and posts where the hinges are mounted. Can this be avoided?
Well, there are pet gates designed to have hinges and screws to be mounted on a wall or posts. But if this is your major concern, you can just purchase our Portable Dog Gate. This pet gate is ideal for temporary situations. With its non-skid, non-marking yet very compact mounting pads, your worries about holes and wood damages will surely be taken away!

Is the Pet Gate safe and really effective?
Yes. All pet gates that we offer are safe and effective due to its smooth texture (whether wood or steel), non-sharp edges and pressure gauges for proper locking tension. Making your pet realize the real purpose of this barrier and it will eventually teach them how to just obey and keep track on their space limitations.

What are the materials used in constructing these pet gates?
Some pet gates are made up of hardwoods while some are steel with non-toxic coating and others are made up of plastic and nylon. This actually depends on the type of pet gates you are going to purchase. The only thing that matters is the size and design that you prefer.

Is there any available extensions provided in each package?
Yes. We have provided extensions for every wooden pet gate and other indoor dog gates that we offer. It comes with different dimensions depending on the size of your doorway or stairway from where you are going to place it.

Which pet gates work best for my large dog?
We have several pet gates that can block even your largest dog. This includes elongate pet gate, configuregate, angle mount wood pet gate and more. The height measures from 29 feet to 32 feet tall. These gates are also pressure mounted and with interlocking sections that your dogs can’t easily knock down.

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