Portable Pet Gate

Portable Pet GatePortable pet gate is also known as “gateway to go” since it’s transportable and you can move it in or out, anywhere you want to or bring it anywhere you may go. For those who do not need a long-term use of pet gate, this kind of dog gate is the perfect choice. Those who are living in an apartment, boarding house or a temporary house who has a dog or other pets living with them, a portable pet gate is such a great alternative!

With portable pet gate, you no longer need to use hardware or tools to assemble it. All you need is to attach the non-skid, non-marking mounting pads onto the wall or any partitions. Of course, safety is the major purpose of this product. That’s why it also provides a pressure gauge for the proper locking tension. With this, you can easily release the handle with just one hand and then the gate will instantly open. The materials used here are steel, nylon and a net that provides a transparent look on both sides. Weighing exactly just about 4.5 pound, the whole set is really manageable and easy to install.

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