Stairway Pet Gate

Stairway pet gateStairway special pet gate is an ideal gate for homes with stairways that are so high and very dangerous for babies to go through. With its exceptional latch system, you won’t be anxious in case your child will intentionally or accidentally open it or if pet deliberately bumps it. With its aluminum construction, this pet gate won’t rust and is really lightweight. And because this one is purposely made for the stairs, it was created with additional stop bracket making it safer and preventing the door from opening. Since we know that stairs sometimes have diverse angles, the gate was created to be adaptable that’s why you can mount it at angles of up to 30 degrees. This is definitely great for uneven wall hoops and mounting areas. It can be opened with only one direction for extra safety. With these exciting features, you will surely have a very safe pet gate and baby gate!

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